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Treat yourself and your guests to a premium experience by renting a Suite at State Farm Arena. Explore the different opportunities and email or fill out the form below to contact us about availability for your preferred games.



Atlanta Social

An all-new, redefining suite experience focused on socializing and featuring a mix of cabanas, terrace tables, plush couches and lounge suites accompanied by all-inclusive food, beer and wine.


Designed with both networking and privacy in mind, Loft Suites accommodate 8-12 guests and are accompanied by all-inclusive, premium dining.

Veranda Suites

Born from the concept of southern hospitality, these all-inclusive suites are located in the heart of the lower bowl and offer the most private and lux experience for you and your guests.

Topgolf Swing Suites

High-end suites featuring Topgolf simulators and accompanied by lounge seating and amazing views into the bowl.

Hawks 2018-19 Schedule

Oct 24 Wed 7:00pm Mavericks
Oct 27 Sat 7:30pm Bulls
Nov 1 Thu 7:30pm Kings
Nov 3 Sat 7:30pm Heat
Nov 7 Wed 7:30pm Knicks
Nov 9 Fri 7:30pm Pistons
Nov 19 Mon 7:30pm Clippers
Nov 21 Wed 7:30pm Raptors
Nov 23 Fri 7:30pm Celtics
Nov 25 Sun 6:00pm Hornets
Dec 3 Mon 7:30pm Warriors
Dec 5 Wed 7:30pm Wizards
Dec 8 Sat 7:30pm Nuggets
Dec 18 Tue 7:30pm Wizards
Dec 26 Wed 7:30pm Pacers
Dec 29 Sat 7:30pm Cavaliers
Jan 6 Sun 6:00pm Heat
Jan 13 Sun 3:30pm Bucks
Jan 15 Tue 7:30pm Thunder
Jan 19 Sat 7:30pm Celtics
Jan 21 Mon 3:00pm Magic
Feb 7 Thu 7:30pm Raptors
Feb 9 Sat 7:30pm Hornets
Feb 10 Sun 7:30pm Magic
Feb 12 Tue 7:30pm Lakers
Feb 14 Thu 7:30pm Knicks
Feb 22 Fri 7:30pm Pistons
Feb 23 Sat 7:00pm Suns
Feb 27 Wed 7:30pm Timberwolves
Mar 1 Fri 7:30pm Bulls
Mar 6 Wed 7:30pm Spurs
Mar 9 Sat 7:00pm Nets
Mar 10 Sun 6:00pm Pelicans
Mar 13 Wed 7:30pm Grizzlies
Mar 19 Tue 7:30pm Rockets
Mar 21 Thu 7:30pm Jazz
Mar 23 Sat 7:30pm 76ers
Mar 29 Fri 7:30pm Trail Blazers
Mar 31 Sun 12:30pm Bucks
Apr 3 Wed 7:30pm 76ers
Apr 10 Wed 8:00pm Pacers

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